Divas In Dentistry Convention, Benidorm

Divas In Dentistry

5 al 6 de Octubre de 2018

Benidorm Grand Luxor Hotels Resort
Benidorm, Alicante

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Divas In Dentistry

Divas In Dentistry.

Movimiento internacional liderado por mujeres con el objetivo de potenciar su participación en el campo dental.

Learning Objectives:

  1. To understand the scientific- based research literature behind the procedure
  2. Learning the surgical steps utilizing videos and pictures during the lecture
  3. Case presentation and complications
  4. Phlebotomy basics
  5. Pig jaws workshop
  6. Live surgery patient – Videos

Gum Drop Technique(GDT) – Root coverage procedure using superior biological growth factors A-PRF+ and I- PRF

The purpose of this course is to introduce a new biological approach involving superior blood derivatives A-PRF+ and I-PRF for root coverage, a less invasive technique with a faster healing, without having a donor site.

The Gum Drop Technique (GDT) is a modified Vista technique using the patients own blood to treat receding gums. Blood derivatives might be the solution for our patients with strong beliefs regarding the use of cadaver skin membranes or animal products as well as religious affiliations. Biomaterials and tissue engineered scaffolds are typically avascular by nature and the survival of the grafts are directly correlated with blood supply which is the key component for regeneration and have become mandatory for cellular function and wound healing.

The procedure is performed using a small piercing instrument comparable with laparoscopic procedures in medical surgeries. The gums will advance ” drop ” towards your enamel where they belong.

The morbidity of Gum Drop Technique is less and patient case acceptance is higher comparative with the traditional grafts.