Webinar Dr. Ricardo Alves

Ponente: Dr. Ricardo Alves
Fecha y hora: 9 de Septiembre, 23 horas (Hora de España)
Modalidad: En directo. Preguntas en vivo.
Idioma: Inglés

Webinar Conferencia Interactiva en vivo

Current approaches for peri-implantitis treatment

Implant-supported rehabilitations have a high success rate, however peri-implantitis is a serious threat that can jeopardize the results. In this webinar we will address the prevention, diagnosis, non-surgical and surgical treatment (resective and regenerative) of peri-implantitis, supported by the current scientific evidence and framed by our clinical experience. The latest advances in this area will be discussed, seeking to systematize the clinical approach and facilitate the decision-making process. Finally, the clinical maintenance protocol, essential for the stability of the results obtained, will be addressed.


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