Lupas Telescopio 2.5x para cabezal luz LED Dr.Kim

500,00  + IVA

Lupas 2.5x para cabezal Dr.Kim de luz LED quirúrgica sin sombras

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Lupas Telescopio 2.5x para cabezal luz LED Dr.Kim

Aumento moderado, fácil de adaptar
– Telescopio tipo Galilei
– Aumento: 2.5x
– Distancia de trabajo ajustable
– Para acoplar a cabezal con luz Dr.Kim

Además de esta lupa de 2.5x, puedes acoplar otras lupas de diferente magnificación y la cámara inalámbrica:
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Cámara HD inalámbrica: DCAM-4

Experiencia de usuarios de Headlamp Dr.Kim
Now I can see my working field perfectly clear. Headlamp fits comfortably on my head.Light is so bright so I usually use half of it’s intensity.
Dentist, Orthopedic surgeon, Implantologist
Dr.Kim Headlamp is one of the better inventions that come across and I certainly highly recommend it!
Dentist, Orthodontist, Periodontist, Implantologist and educator
Thanks to the Dr.Kim Company and their engineers that quickly responded to our request now we use this shadowless headlamp with opportunity to connect the Dr.Kim camera. We can record and stream the operation process to students auditoriums.
Maxillofacial surgeon, implant specialist, the candidate of Medical Sciences, international lecturer, IDC Skolkovo (Armenia, Belgium, Russia)